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Is a small wound in the mouth a risk?



Safer Sex

Protect yourself effectively against HIV with three simple rules.

  1. Sleeping together – always use a condom (or femidom).
  2. Do not get any sperm or menstrual blood in your mouth, do not swallow sperm or blood.
  3. Go to the doctor with any itching, burning or discharge.

Safer sex doesn’t simply mean protecting yourself as thoroughly as possible during sex. It is at least as important to take action when something happens. While safer sex protects very well against HIV, other sexually transmitted infections can nevertheless be transmitted.


Discriminated against?

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Discriminated against? Let us know

Is your dentist refusing to treat you because you're HIV-positive? Is someone you know telling everyone that you're HIV-positive? You don't have to put up with it. Let the Swiss AIDS Federation know if you have experienced injustice, or if someone you know who is HIV-positive has suffered discrimination.

Don't stay silent – tell us what has happened

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Kondom Localizer

Where can I buy condoms near here? With the Condom Localizer you can always find the nearest condom machine.

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The prevention programmes

The Swiss AIDS Federation focuses its prevention activities on target group-specific measures for men who have sex with men, migrants and male and female sex workers.



“Should I get tested after unprotected sex?”

The condom split. Is that bad? How will I realize I have AIDS? Is a small wound on a finger dangerous if I am fingering a woman?


Legal advice

Legal advice from the Swiss AIDS Federation

People with HIV/AIDS and their families, counsellors, employers, doctors and other interested parties can contact the legal advice from the Swiss AIDS Federation by phone or in writing with any legal questions directly related to HIV/AIDS.

Legal advice

Facts and figures about HIV/Aids

Variable spread of HIV in the population

In Switzerland the spread of HIV/AIDS in the general population is relatively low: less than 0.1% of the population carry the virus. However, the virus is much more widely spread in some groups. This applies particularly to men who have sex with men, to migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa and intravenous drug users: in these groups 5% or more are infected with HIV.


XPERTIS® – The e-learning platform of the Swiss AIDS Federation

This e-learning platform provides interested people with all the information they need to enhance or refresh their specialist or general knowledge in the area of HIV/AIDS/STI in modular form.