People with HIV

The Swiss AIDS Federation, is committed to supporting individuals with HIV, and their partners. The "People with HIV" programme offers free legal advice, information and support, and emergency financial aid to people living with HIV, raises public awareness and fights discrimination.

Free legal advice

People with HIV/AIDS and their families, advisors, employers, doctors and other interested parties can contact the Swiss AIDS Federation advisory service  by phone or in writing with legal questions that are directly related to HIV/AIDS.

  • Latest news: the Legal Advice service answers questions about social security law, private insurance, labour law, data protection law, patients' rights, immigration regulations and criminality. It also provides representation in proceedings related to social security law.
  • Objective: to inform, explain, and advise, and to refer clients on to other bodies where appropriate. To help clients draw up requests, applications, objections and appeals. Where necessary, to refer clients to specialist lawyers who we personally recommend.
  • Results: in the past five years, the Swiss AIDS Federation has provided legal advice and representation in 17493 cases, spending an average of just under five hours advising each of its clients.

To Legal advice

Discrimination Reporting

The Swiss AIDS Federation functions as the federal reporting office for discrimination and infringements of privacy related to HIV and AIDS. It collates the cases that are reported to it, and forwards them twice a year to the Swiss Federal Commission for Sexual Health (FCSH).

  • Latest news: in 2016, the Swiss AIDS Federation referred 83 cases of discrimination (German) to the FCSH, and also intervened directly where asked to do so.
  • Objective: to give chronically ill people in Switzerland better protection against discrimination, and to lobby for the introduction of anti-discrimination legislation which protects people with disabilities and limitations to their health.
  • Results: The Swiss AIDS Federation has reported a total of 471 cases of discrimination over the past five years.

Information on living with HIV

Providing independent, professional information that is always up to date is important to the Swiss AIDS Federation. We therefore offer a whole range of publications for people living with HIV. They can be downloaded or ordered from  (click on the drop-down language menu next to each item for English).

Latest news: Drug table for antiretroviral substances – all HIV medication at a glance!

This table, which is available in German or French, gives an overview of the major HIV drugs that are available in Switzerland, as well as the most common side-effects, dosages, and how they should be taken.

Objective: To ensure that people with HIV have good information on all aspects of their infection.

Results: The drug table for antiretroviral substances and the brochure covering data protection and HIV (“Datenschutz und HIV”, available in German, French or Italian), have recently been updated. The “Diagnosed with HIV? What you need to know”, “Ready for therapy?” and work and HIV (“Job und HIV”, available in German and French) brochures remain available.

Swiss Aids News 2017|2, Jugend engagiert

Swiss Aids News

The specialist Swiss AIDS Federation magazine has become a key source of information for those living with HIV. Published four times a year, it reports on important developments in and interesting aspects of HIV. It also helps to make the everyday reality of people with HIV visible to the wider public. 

  • Latest news: Selected articles of particular relevance to those living with HIV are now published (in German and French) on the “Living with HIV” (“Leben mit HIV”) and “Legal Forum” (“Forum Recht”) blogs on
  • Objective: For those living with HIV always to be up-to-date on HIV-related developments.
  • Results: Swiss Aids News is published quarterly. Editions are available on a subscription basis and as downloads, and can also be found in doctors’ surgeries and at advice centres.