Sex Work (SW)

The Sex Work (SW) programme is aimed at reducing transmission rates for HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections in and through the sex industry. To achieve this, the programme supports the APiS (AIDS Prevention in the Sex industry) centres, spreads information on and builds capabilities in the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, and is networked with other national and international organizations working in the same field. In addition, the Sex Work programme provides information resources in a variety of languages, and is in regular dialogue with the most important national and international players in the sex work sector.

APiS (AIDS Prevention in the Sex industry) network

Via the APiS network, the Swiss AIDS Federation provides information on HIV and STI prevention for female sex workers. We are also committed to drawing the attention of the public and politicians to the issue. The Swiss AIDS Federation supports the network with prevention materials, training, coordination, and by representing APiS in dealings with other organizations and authorities.

  • Objective: to improve the health of migrants in the sex industry in terms of the ways in which the women protect themselves, and their working conditions. 


The coordinators of sex work services at the regional support organisations, as well as mediators, meet every year for experience-sharing and training.

  • Latest news: training on sex work issues
  • Objective: continuing training for coordinators and mediators on current HIV/AIDS issues ensures that work in the field remains of a very high quality.
  • Results: ongoing training and profile-raising events, as well as evaluations by the FHNW university of applied sciences for north-western Switzerland.

The Stella Brochure

The Stella brochure contains key information, addresses and links on HIV and STI prevention for sex workers in Switzerland. APiS mediators distribute the brochure free of charge as part of their outreach work, along with condoms and lubricant.

  • Latest news: the Stella brochure  (German/French/Italian)
  • Objective: the brochure helps APiS mediators to establish contact with sex workers, and gives these women the information they need to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS and other STIs.
Mit Sexarbeiterinnen in der VCT-Konsultation über Risiken sprechen

Brochure on talking to sex workers about risk as part of voluntary counselling and testing

This new brochure is aimed at health professionals who recommend or offer testing for HIV and other STIs. It provides information and tips on providing advisory services to sex workers, and offers plenty of food for thought. Readers can follow the links and addresses given in the appendix to find out more.

  • Latest news: brochure on talking to sex workers about risk as part of voluntary counselling and testing (" Mit Sexarbeiterinnen in der VCT-Konsultation über Risiken sprechen / Parles des risques avec les travailleuses du sexe dans la consultation VCT ")
  • Objective: the brochure provides information on the specific health, advisory and prevention needs of sex workers.
  • Results: The brochure is available in French and German.
    It can be ordered or downloaded from