The Migration programme works closely with representatives of the migrant community to reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by those with HIV/AIDS, and to lower transmission rates for HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) in the migrant population.

The Get Tested – KNOW YOUR STATUS campaign

Get Tested is a campaign run by the Swiss AIDS Federation. It is intended to encourage men and women alike to know their own HIV status, while also breaking down prejudice and fear of discrimination. 

  • Latest news: the Get Tested testing campaign for migrants will be held for the first time in November 2017. Further, updated information on the campaign can be found on the website 
  • Objectives: to explain about HIV and AIDS; to be able to talk about HIV; to explain the benefits of knowing your own HIV status; to show people how to protect themselves and where they can be tested, and to explain the effect of drug-based treatments.

Miss Africa Switzerland 2018 becomes ambassador for the Swiss AIDS Federation

Carole Diaby, Miss Africa Switzerland 2018

As part of her commitment as an ambassador for the Swiss AIDS Federation, Carole Diaby, reigning Miss Africa Switzerland 2018, is campaigning to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and to combat discrimination against HIV-positive individuals in the African community.

  • Latest news: on Saturday, 2 december 2017, Swiss AIDS Federation Managing Director Daniel Seiler presented Carole Diaby with her official ambassador credentials.
  • Objective: to network within the African community in partnership with the African Mirror Foundation (organiser of the Miss Africa Switzerland contest).


The coordinators of sex work services at the regional support organisations, as well as mediators, meet every year for experience-sharing and training.

  • Latest news: training on migration
  • Objective: continuing training for coordinators and mediators on current HIV/AIDS issues ensures that work in the field remains of a very high quality.
  • Results: ongoing training and profile-raising events, as well as evaluations by the FHNW university of applied sciences for north-western Switzerland.