The Swiss AIDS Federation focuses its preventive activities on target group-specific measures. This means reaching people where they live, love and work. Fresh impetus and developments in society are taken on  board so that people can be addressed in their specific areas of life through newer and newer forms of access – an ongoing and constantly challenging task.

People with HIV

The "People with HIV" programme is committed to supporting individuals with HIV, and their partners.

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The "Migration" programme works closely with representatives of the migrant community to reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by those with HIV/AIDS.

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Men who have sex with men

The "MSM" programme actively promotes good sexual health among men who have sex with men, motivating them into sexual behaviour that is free of risk to both them or their sexual partners.

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Sex Work (SW)

The "Sex Work (SW)" programme is aimed at reducing transmission rates for HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections in and through the sex industry.

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