Outside Switzerland

Anyone travelling abroad or emigrating should research immigration and residence regulations in detail before they go, and also find out about the health insurance, pension fund and disability insurance benefits that are available, and the conditions that apply.

Is it true that, with HIV/AIDS, I can't go to the USA or Australia on holiday?

Non-US residents who had already been diagnosed with HIV were not allowed to enter the USA up to the end of 2009. This restriction was lifted at the beginning of 2010. Foreign tourists planning to enter Australia are not asked for proof of their HIV status, but the immigration official in charge can still deny them entry if their health gives the official reason to do so. www.hivrestrictions.org).

How does Swiss health insurance work when I'm travelling in EU countries?

Anyone who lives and is insured in Switzerland, and spends a short time in an EU or EFTA country, can claim benefits from the health insurance scheme in the country where they are staying. To avoid having to pay the costs of treatment in that country yourself, directly, you should present the doctor with your European health insurance card from your health insurance company.

What pension payments will I receive if I move abroad permanently?

Disability pension from the state disability insurance scheme:

Disability pensions are paid abroad. The quarter pension is only paid out to people who have emigrated to EU or EFTA countries, however.

Pension fund disability pension:Where mandatory pension cover is concerned, the same rules apply to pension fund disability pensions as apply to disability pension from the state disability insurance scheme. The pension fund's own rules apply to pension claims under extra-mandatory schemes (voluntary top-up pensions).

If you have any further questions, please contact the  Central Compensation Office, COO, DI Office for People Living Abroad, OAIE, Avenue Edmond-Vaucher 18, Case postale 3100, 1211 Geneva 2, Tel. +41 22 795 91 11; www.zas.admin.ch