Psychological stress

The diagnosis of “HIV-positive” is stressful for many of the people affected and can cause a great feeling of insecurity. In these situations, professional support can help people to cope with the infection. A Regional AIDS centre will help you to look for suitable therapists.

Emotional and mental health support

An HIV-positive diagnosis often involves considerable emotional and mental stress. This can lead to acute crises but also to more prolonged states of anxiety and depression. If you suffer from sleep disorders, excessive irritability or diffuse fears, you are advised to seek professional support. Specialists can help you find a good way of coping with the disease.

Local assistance

Regional AIDS centre will be glad to help you find a suitable therapist.

Signs of psychological problems

If you notice one or more of the following signs in yourself over a prolonged period of time, you should discuss this with your doctor: feeling dejected, apathetic, indecisive, lacking concentration, feelings of guilt and inferiority, sleep disturbances, anxiety, irritability.


Depression can usually be treated effectively, whether by a talking therapy or in combination with a drug therapy. It is important to agree upon this treatment with the relevant HIV doctor because certain medicines can have an adverse effect on the HIV treatment.

When choosing what type of support you need, bear in mind that health insurers will only cover certain forms of psychotherapeutic treatment. Therefore you should find out about the precise conditions beforehand from your health insurer or from the psychotherapy professional you have selected. Make sure you settle the question of costs with the therapist in the first session.